Nanocomposite Advancement for the Hydrogen Energy Economy

Topic: Nanocomposite Advancement for the Hydrogen Energy Economy

Nanocomposite advancement for the Hydrogen Economy is a special section of the 5th edition of the international conference on structural nanocomposites dedicated to hydrogen sensors and sensing technology. The section provides a unique forum that brings together leading operators, policymakers, researchers, and the most influential mind in the industry, focusing on developing solutions and innovations for the hydrogen economy. Participants’ great ideas and top discoveries will help develop advanced hydrogen safety solutions.


Course Structure

The section is THE hybrid program with an online speech and in-person presentation at Nicosia, Cyprus, on May 25, 2023. 09:00-16:00 The program is structured to follow.

Delivery mode: Hybrid (in person and virtual)

Core Content:

The transition to hydrogen energy could provide infrastructure investment of £11 trillion over the next 30 years, making a global business focus. Many countries are developing policies that support investment in hydrogen technology, while the number of hydrogen strategies and roadmaps developed by governments worldwide are increasing, along with the number of sectors they target. Hydrogen is today enjoying unprecedented momentum as is foreseen by many as an important sustainable energy carrier for the future. While the transition to hydrogen energy has captured the much-needed political and industry support, the safety of hydrogen systems has become a key factor in ensuring a smooth transition toward hydrogen fuelled economy. To address these issues, the key global stakeholders of hydrogen energy technology will present their perspectives and plans to ensure the safety of the hydrogen infrastructures and the users.

What you will learn:

  • Current advances and latest development in nanotechnology sensors and microsystems.
  • New material development (sensitive/recognitions).
  • How sensing solutions can help build more robust and sustainable hydrogen safety systems.
  • Micro-nanofabrication technology/printing.
  • How to stay ahead of the newest innovations with advanced materials sensing and actuating.
  • What is happening in the current hydrogen safety technology, policy and future goal.
  • Hydrogen production and storage technologies


Who should Attend:

  • The investors
  • Renewable energy producers
  • Researchers and Academia
  • Technology and firmware developers
  • Policymakers (Government officers & Regulators)
  • Advisory and Legal
  • Hydrogen facility manufacturers and Industrial end-users.
  • Hydrogen generation company.



Dr Mutiu Adegboye, National Subsea Centre, Aberdeen UK

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ha Duong Ngo, Microsystems Technologies/Microsensors, University of Applied Sciences Berlin, Germany

Professor Nadimul Faisal, School of Engineering, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, UK

Professor James Njuguna, National Subsea Centre & School of Engineering, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, UK